There is so much to say about this day, so let's start from the beginning! Kayla and Dan booked me to shoot their June 2020 wedding, and we met for their engagement session right before the world shut down due to the COVID-19 outbreak in March 2020. Dan and Kayla are originally from Rhode Island, so most of their guests are from there. So, like many 2020 couples, their plans were put on hold. Oh, I forgot to mention, I found out at their engagement session that they lived in the same neighborhood as I do! I was bummed for my neighbors and new friends, but was ready for their wedding whenever they were! Flash forward to late June 2021. I get an email from them "hey, this seems weird, but we are going home at the end of July for a visit and are having a small elopement 'I do BBQ'. Think elopement meets family reunion. Would you want to come there to shoot our wedding." UMMMMMM HECK YES I WOULD! And I did. And it was amazing, and joyful, and beautiful, and intimate, and windy. :) I was introduced to so many "New England" things (Dell's Lemonade now haunts me in my dreams, seriously so good), climbed on some cliffs for portraits, had their whole family laughing when I said "y'all" (apparently that's true that we only say that in the south), and their first dance took place in a grassy spot overlooking the water just as the sun dipped below the horizon. It was a day that I keep reliving over and over and it makes me smile ear to ear every time. More interesting facts about this wedding. The bride's dad basically planned and executed the entire thing. He even collected the driftwood and built their arbor for them. Cue all the tears. The flowers in the bouquets were wildflowers they picked the day before. There was no cake, but a giant donut (apparently a special RI donut). Oh, and a random person walked behind them on the beach bigfoot style as they kissed. What. An. Amazing. Day.