Wedding FAQ

How many images will we get?
I deliver between 400 and 600 images from weddings, and between 50 and 100 images for engagements and bridals. It varies somewhat, depending on your wedding, but 500 is about average.

How do you pronounce “Arrick”?
Just like “Eric,” or “Arrr-Rick” if you’re a pirate.

How long does it take to get my images?
For weddings, around 10 business days. For engagement and bridals, 5 business days. Sessions and weddings tend to take longer around major holidays.

Can we get the RAW files?
No, and your computer probably wouldn’t be able to view them. The RAW files are the “raw” ingredients to creating a fantastic wedding gallery. I promise to fully edit, color correct, and make you look awesome in every photo.

What is “online proofing?”
I use a service called Pixieset to display your engagement, bridal or wedding galleries. You can view the images in high resolution and order prints from there. Additionally, Pixieset acts as a backup service, so if something were to happen to your images on my computer, they would still be safe.

Do you backup my images?
All of your photos are recorded onto two separate cards in my camera. When I get home, one card stays in my car, while the other goes to my computer for backup and processing (that makes 3 copies). Before your wedding is delivered to you, your pictures will exist in 3 separate places. I’ve never lost a single image and I don’t intend to lose any of your priceless photographs.

Do you do family portraits? How does that work?
Absolutely. Family pictures are an important part of your wedding day. It will be the only time both sides of your family will be together at the same time (unless you have really close families). I shoot about 12 group photos after your wedding, and plenty more at the reception upon your request.

My friend’s photographer took 2 hours after the ceremony to take photos. Do you do that?
Nope. My post-ceremony family sessions are about 15 minutes, and my couples session is another 15. I’ll have you to your reception in 30 minutes. All of the awesome relaxed portraits and family pictures you see on my blog were taken in that amount of time.

Can I be your assistant?
While I don’t take interns or assistants, I’ll be happy to answer any photography related questions you may have. Just drop me an email.

What kind of equipment do you use?
I use professional grade Canon equipment with backup cameras, lenses and other accessories.

Do you really need to be at the wedding three hours before?
Yes. I like to have everyone back in their ready-rooms about 45 minutes to an hour before the ceremony, since guests will start to arrive then. It also takes me about 20 minutes to set up and tear down equipment. In other words, it’s only really 2 hours, and that barely covers the time it takes to shoot all of the ceremony and reception details, getting ready (makeup, hair, ties, jackets, dress, etc), as well as pre-ceremony portraits (bridesmaids, groomsmen). Those 3 hours fly by.

What is a “first look?”
Some couples decide to see each other before the wedding ceremony. This doesn’t mean they’ll be hanging out all day drinking Coors Light. There’s typically a moment where the bride is revealed to the groom about 2 hours before the ceremony. They spend a moment together, then go back to their separate rooms to finish final prep work. It can be a touching moment and provides more time to get beautiful relaxed portraits. If you intend to have a first look, let me know so I can prepare the proper timeline.

Where do you shoot engagements/bridals?
I have a few super secret locations around Tyler and East Texas that I love to use. Otherwise, I’d be happy to take suggestions from you. I love it when my clients show me new spots.

I want to have my wedding at sunset. Is this a good idea?

Not really, unless you do a first look. If your ceremony is at sunset, then your couples portraits will be shot in the dark. Not a great idea if you value those photographs. The best time for a ceremony is 1.5 to 2 hours before sunset. Remember, sunsets in East Texas happen earlier since our tree line tends to be higher.


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