Husband & Wife Team

We have been married for almost ten years - wow! We met online, and within two months of meeting, we were engaged (what!). Sometimes you just know. We believe that marriage and deep relationships are some of life's greatest gifts! We have three little boys who are busy and loud, but we are so thankful to have them.

Our desire is for you to have timeless photographs to cherish over the years, and our photography style is light, bright and airy. We love candid, true, genuine emotions, and that’s what we strive to capture.

As a wedding photographers, we're there to tell the story of your wedding instead of directing and interfering in it. We're unobtrusive and don’t want to turn your wedding into a styled photoshoot.

When photographing families, Kalynne will do just about anything to get a genuine smile out of you and your children during your session including terrible dancing, a game of peek a boo, or a very heartfelt solo rendition of baby shark.


Primary Shooter

I’ve been a professional photographer for 9 years. I started out photographing newborns and families, but have shot weddings for over 6 years. I am usually beaming smiling behind my camera at any session. I get immense joy from photographing people say I do, and then later they bring their newborn babies to me. And then I just think about how amazing this life is, and that I am so honored to capture it. I will pose little newborn fingers and wonder what they will do one day, who's hand they might hold as they get married!

I love binge watching TV shows while I edit (Parks and Rec, Friends, The Bachelor, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Grey’s Anatomy, Botched, true crime documentaries...Netflix has no idea what to suggest for me). I am also super into the enneagram and am 1w9 if you're into that too.

Let's be friends! Follow me on my personal Instagram to see lots of my kids and their shenanigans! ;)


Second Shooter & Master of All Things Technical

Allen is the "OG" of Arrick Photography. He began shooting weddings in 2004 back before DSLR's were a thing, so he learned shooting on film. Crazy, right? When he married Kalynne in 2012, he taught her how to use a camera and the rest is history. Over the years, he and Kalynne switched roles, and he is the secondary shooter at weddings, and takes care of the business of our business. He likes to spend is spare time wrestling with the kiddos, building super cool things out of wood, and watching YouTube videos. Follow him on his personal Instagram if you like woodworking and dad jokes.



Ollie is our firstborn and was born on New Year's Eve and thinks that everyone in the world shoots fireworks for his birthday. He is really into Transformers and building things with Legos.


Eddie has a zest for life, and his smile lights up my world. He is a sourpatch kid (sometimes sweet, sometimes sour), and he knows the moves to Gangnam Style. Seriously. Also, he really likes zero turn lawn mowers and hot wheels.


Archie is our caboose baby, and he is the absolute sweetest! We all love him so so much. He loves his big brothers and eating his hands or anything that he can get his hands on which is how he got the nickname "Chomp".